Amazing service

“I was completely blown away at the level of service I received at Nellis Realty – it was completely different than any other agency!”

Go the extra mile

“When my mother passed suddenly, I was still in college and had no idea what to do with the estate. I knew I wanted to move home eventually and wanted to keep the home my grandfather built, but didn’t know how to accomplish that. LeRoy arranged a great rental option.”

– Brett Anderson

Long-Distance Help

“I received a dream job offer, but it was on the other side of the country. They needed me to start immediately, so I had to pack everything up and leave it in Isolde’s capable hands. She found the perfect market and had it sold in a week!”

– Bonnie Peterson

It’s perfect

“After the fire, I told Miguel about my dream home – an old Prairie Square that could be an awesome bed and breakfast. He found it for me within a week and I opened my business on time.”

– Kelly Donal, Ma’s Place

Amazingly flexible

“I had to move my family in from out of state with crazy scheduling on both ends. LeRoy met with me on my schedule and pushed the closing as quickly as possible before school started.”

– Nadine St. Croix